Make Your Own Stretchy Undershirt Tutorial!!!

So, I was just about to put in a huge order of these shirts online in all different colors when the thought came to me that I can make these myself! I wear them all the time to make whatever I am wearing modest so I will have sleeves or if the neckline is too low. I love them. But, really if you think about it, it wouldn’t be that hard to make. So here goes… I used a white jersey flat bedding sheet I already had and wasn’t using. You can buy the material with a coupon at JoAnns or if you want to make a bunch with a set of jersey sheets from Walmart for under $20! Here it goes.

1. I first lay out the sheet flat and fold it over so I will be cutting the top and bottom layer at once. I traced just directly around it with a pen except leave an extra 1/2 inch on the bottom.


2. I put a few pins in it and started cutting them out.


3. Sew the sides and the top of the shoulders. I used a serger because it is best with stretchy fabric  but you could probably use a sewing machine if you go slow and have a new needle.   (If you don’t have one- maybe tell a friend about it who has a serger and make some together!) 4. Make Jersey Material Bias Tape: I cut long strips of one inch of fabric. Folded the sides in towards the middle and ironed it as shown below. Then folded it in half and ironed it.  This is the longest step but important to do. What is Bias Tape? The fabric curls so ironing is really important. Although I am shown pressing it on the carpet, I used an ironing board.


5. Then I pinned the homemade Jersey bias tape on the neckline and sleeves. It is important to pin because I tried it without and it stretches out the neckline and you end up using a lot more.


6. Sew the neckline and sleeves with a sewing machine. Make sure you start and end at the back of the neck and/or under the arm so that part is hidden. Good luck!!!! Keep posted because I am going to try dyeing them different colors for more wardrobe variety next!

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