Keeping it all Together

Okay, so I’ve heard about this idea a few times but I always discarded it. Planning Dinners for an entire month? Yeah right. That is too much work, plus how would I know would ingredients to get in advance, and what if I didn’t even feel like eating the food that was scheduled for the night. But, if it kept coming to mind as something I should try, then maybe there was something to it.

So… I decided to give it a try this month. And it has honestly been, I hate to admit it, but very helpful. It has really saved a lot of time the time I usually spend interpreting what I am feeling in the mood for and then finally deciding. I’ve found that even if I don’t really feel like eating what is planned once I start making the meal and smelling all the yummy smells and such suddenly I think actually I don’t mind eating this after all. Or I just add something on the side that is a little more of what I was in the mood for but keep the main thing I had scheduled… like adding a sweet apple salad with caramelized nuts or yummy desert to satisfy my sweet tooth I am feeling that night.

I think part of the trick is using meals that you already know and like and them only have a new recipe a couple times for the whole month. If you are still deciding what you like and do quickly as a family then maybe this isn’t for you yet. You could start with planning the meals for the week. But, if you’ve been planning the meals for the week for a while, you are probably ready for this monthly plan like me. Try it!!!

It has helped me keep one step ahead to get the slow cooker going in the afternoon and extra leftover meat that I used for a meal earlier that week for meals later in the week. For example if I made shredded chicken tacos on Tues I made to make a few extra chicken breasts that I can set aside for my the chicken pot pie for Friday. It is awesome!!!

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