KieneFamilieBeing a Mom and especially a stay-at-home Mom has been a rich blessing for me, a life under a snowball tree. What more could a person ask for in the midst of the early years raising kids? At the same time, it hasn’t been easy in any sense of the word. I have learned and am still learning I must work diligently at nourishing the soil and constantly tending this family tree of ours. I have a very important and defined work to do.
Lest I forget what a privilege it is, I want to be knee deep in celebrating, working at, and treasuring my role. Will you join me?


marilyntag1has a BA from Brigham Young University in Dance and a Minor in Music.  Now-a-days she is kept on her toes as a full-time mother of three young girls. She loves being married to her college sweetheart Jason who she met in a Ballroom Dance class at BYU.  She enjoys all things artistic, teaching and writing music, as well as serving and caring for her kids and others.
About: Under the Snowball Tree

Under the Snowball Tree is my website dedicated to you! In sharing little tricks I find for life as a Mom that are practical and mostly long-term effective-I feel good. As I share and sincerely try to encourage others more inspiration comes and I am cheered on as well- yeah! So come along and join the fun!