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Homemade Birthday Cakes

I remember looking back at photos of a couple cakes my Mom made for me when I was a little girl and feeling so special. That is the goal here. These cakes might not be super professional but that they were made with love and care.  There is definitely something special in that. Look the the expressions of my little kiddos! 🙂




Well this one Dresden doesn’t look too happy but that is because her sister was teasing her… She still loved her cake. 🙂DSC_1800


Easy Peel-n-Stick Chalkboard Wall

Renters and Non-renters check this out! For only $25 I covered my entire dining room wall in this easy peel-and-stick vinyl.  It comes off so easily when we eventually move or if we ever get tired of it, is not a big deal to take down. It also didn’t take very long to put up! The kids LOVE it and additionally, it looks so cute and modern!

I found it at a Walmart Super center for $4.97 a roll.  It cover 12 feet so I got 5 for a grand total of $25.

Duck Brand Adhesive Peel and Stick Laminate, 20" x 12', Chalkboard

My kids even helped put it up! When I asked my older daughter what was her favorite, most memorable thing about this past week with all we’ve done for New Years and meeting up with friends, she said making the chalkboard wall. It has been really special and fun for all of them.


DSC_1529DSC_1541 DSC_1536  DSC_1543

Faux Cement Countertops with Contact Paper


I used this removable wall paper/ contact paper from Target! The color was called

Devine Color Weave Wallpaper – Mirage & Silver.



One tube of it covers 25 square feet so I bought two at 29.99 and covered all my countertops! I did this about a year ago but I just wanted to show how it is holding.
If you live in a rental and want to have your place look nice without paying much comparatively to real new countertops than this project is for you. I just used a youtube tutorial of how to apply contact paper to counters and went for it.


Some helpful tips include:
-it was helpful to have another person help to hold the pieces so they wouldn’t roll after the backing was taken off
-cut the side pieces first and do these first
-use a razor blade to cut off excess contact paper edges on sides of countertop
-it is best to get little bubbles out of the contact paper as you go to keep it nice looking. I tried using a plastic flat edge like a credit card but it is easier just using your hand and just gently smoothing the air out

Again just watch a Youtube tutorial to see the process in action.

Try it! It is a little tricky but it really isn’t that bad. Depending on the size of your kitchen, it should only take a 1-3 hours max and then you will have some pretty cool looking FAUX CEMENT COUNTERTOPS!



Since I have had mine on over a year it has worn a little bit in spots making the color lighter where I really scrubbed in cleaning but it isn’t enough for me to need to redo it. I am very happy with it. 🙂


Add a Little Bling…

…to your world by painting an accent color on the backboard of a bookshelf. I just took off the boxes and shelves and after putting down a plastic drop cloth to protect the carpet, painted it right there in my living room. It was quick and simple and yet is now giving the entire room a beautiful refreshing look. 🙂

Contact Paper Butterfly Craft!

These were so cute and easy! You can hang them from your ceiling over a crib, place them in a window, or hang them in a child’s room with a piece of thread and pushpin from the ceiling. The best part was that the kids themselves can make them.
All you need is a the outline of a butterfly cut out on some construction paper. In this case, we used black. Then you place the butterfly outline on a roughly 8×11 section of contact paper after having pulled back the backside. Next, you place little squares of colored tissue paper inside of the butter fly wings. You don’t need glue or any thing because you are sticking them right on the sticky contact paper. When you have covered the inside of the wings place a top sheet of contact paper with the backing removed to close it off. Lastly, cut around the butter fly and hang it from your child’s ceiling for decor!DSC_9221


For a list of supplies and more pictures click more.

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Freshen up with New Pillow Covers!

To add a little freshness to my room, I decided to sew some new pillows! I used pillows that we already had and weren’t using and just made new covers. I picked the material out at Joann’s Fabrics. I love the fun colors and eclectic style that adds a little more pizzazz to the room. My daughter loves it, too! She has been hanging out with me a little more to soak up all her due attention since she is no longer the baby of the family.  I love this little sweetie of mine! 🙂

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Make Regular Shorts into Maternity Shorts!!!

I bought these to be maternity shorts for my last month. They look like normal jean shorts but are that super-super stretchy material which works great with a baby belly. The problem was I thought they were a good size at the store but when I got home and wore them a day they really stretched out and ended up being a size or two too big. Since I had already worn them I couldn’t take them back so I decided to re-craft them and sew them in a little!

To keep the inside seam looking the same, I just sewed a 1/2 inch flap in on the inside seam of the inner leg preserving the outside seam. Check out the pics after clicking “more” to see what I am talking about. It slimmed up the thigh part of the shorts while keeping the belly width. It is nothing too fancy but worked GREAT!!! Also, I don’t have to have that uncomfortable belly band attachment that typically comes with maternity shorts. Yay!!!

Revamp shorts into Maternity Shorts!
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Quality Time With the Kiddos

Kids love to create and especially when it comes to making sweets. Here we are getting ready for a music recital and making treats for it.  They were easy and the kids loved going all out with the sprinkles.  I am not a fan of actually eating these but maybe it is just me- it was not a temptation to eat them. 😉  So it was a win-win activity for all. They got to help and later eat, we did a fun productive activity together, and made the very important treats for the recital.

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