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Faux Cement Countertops with Contact Paper


I used this removable wall paper/ contact paper from Target! The color was called

Devine Color Weave Wallpaper – Mirage & Silver.



One tube of it covers 25 square feet so I bought two at 29.99 and covered all my countertops! I did this about a year ago but I just wanted to show how it is holding.
If you live in a rental and want to have your place look nice without paying much comparatively to real new countertops than this project is for you. I just used a youtube tutorial of how to apply contact paper to counters and went for it.


Some helpful tips include:
-it was helpful to have another person help to hold the pieces so they wouldn’t roll after the backing was taken off
-cut the side pieces first and do these first
-use a razor blade to cut off excess contact paper edges on sides of countertop
-it is best to get little bubbles out of the contact paper as you go to keep it nice looking. I tried using a plastic flat edge like a credit card but it is easier just using your hand and just gently smoothing the air out

Again just watch a Youtube tutorial to see the process in action.

Try it! It is a little tricky but it really isn’t that bad. Depending on the size of your kitchen, it should only take a 1-3 hours max and then you will have some pretty cool looking FAUX CEMENT COUNTERTOPS!



Since I have had mine on over a year it has worn a little bit in spots making the color lighter where I really scrubbed in cleaning but it isn’t enough for me to need to redo it. I am very happy with it. 🙂


New Curtains!

When you are tired of your place of residence and need a little new life… change the curtains along with a few throw pillows and whaa-laa! It is a new space. This is my most recent project that I finally hung up today! It has taken a little while since I had to stop mid project and buy some new sewing machine needles along with dealing with many other stops but I got it done. Yay!


Easiest Laundry Closet Makeover EVER!


Okay, so you have to see the before picture by clicking on “continue reading.”  It is not my highest moment but it shows the reality of it. Removing a shelf and adding this easily re-moveable wall paper cleaned it up a ton! Having two shelves before just gave me an excuse for more clutter. Well not anymore. This eyesore is now a little picture of loveliness. 🙂

P.S. I got this lovely contact paper (mock wall paper) from Target for only $25! Love it!

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Kitchen Makeover!

Here DSC_5750is the kitchen update! Can you tell what’s different?! Although this is not exactly my dream kitchen, it is pretty nice considering it is a rental and compared to what it looked like originally with the yellowish “cream counters” and no back splash! To make the counters gray, I used easily re-moveable contact paper I got from Target. Then…

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Removable Wallpaper in Closet

DSC_5401 Yes! It is that time of year where I revamp my closet for SPRING! I know it is only the 23rd of January but I love having a spring wardrobe. I can’t help it. I put away all those dark shades, red, and fall colors for a fresh and fun Spring- only keeping a few signature “winter pieces” out. It is still cold here and will get colder every now and then through April so my spring wardrobe is typically warmer pieces but I don’t have to dress so dark like it is the dead of winter. Come on! 😉 Since all the clothes are on hangers and in a roll out drawer… Continue reading

Horse and Nature Themed Kidroom!

Lately, I have been changing up my daughters room to have a horse/nature theme. It has been a fun little project with have enjoyed doing together- them and I. One rule I have is that we don’t keep toys in their bedroom. A single stuffed animal or two is it. This keeps it easier to keep clean and just serves the purpose of sleeping and changing clothes. As a mom of three busy little girls, this has been an excellent rule on my part if I may say so. 🙂 It has definitely saved me a lot of time cleaning. What about books? I do not have an open bookshelf because I have learned that it is way too much maintenance to keep the books looking in order and too temping for little 2 year olds to constantly spill them on the floor. Instead we stash them in the bottom drawer of that lovely dresser you see near the window. Yep, easy-peasy just the way I like it. No organizing necessary. 🙂


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Stowing Winter Gear Made Simple

Although this piece iDSC_5097s very practical since it opens up to provide storage, before it was sort of tucked out of the way because it wasn’t in the best shape.  It had gotten it’s fair share of wear- now that is an understatement. Now I moved my furniture around and made it our official foot rest/small living room table it needed some tender loving care. It was sort of fragile to begin with and then the kids used it as something to jump off of at one time or another- so basically, it had seen some much better days…

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French Awning Curtain

I wanted to go for a different look in my dining room. I am always trying to maintain a fresh atmosphere by changing things up every now and then since I live in a small space. This gives it a touch of European/French Bakery feel- which has been fun. 🙂

It was a little tricky making it come together. I used three pieces of flat wood and built a very simple frame, traced and cut circles on a black clothe, put on white trim, staple gunned it to the frame, and hooked it on the wall. Hopefully the pics are helpful if you aspire to create one as well or want to just to be creative and think of something totally unique and you for your own space. Envision it and then go for it! Don’t get too caught up in the perfection of things because perfection doesn’t exist. If it did we’d all be dead of boredom. 😉 Be crazy. Make a mess.

Noawning  DSC_2214 DSC_2215  DSC_2218