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Keeping it all Together

Okay, so I’ve heard about this idea a few times but I always discarded it. Planning Dinners for an entire month? Yeah right. That is too much work, plus how would I know would ingredients to get in advance, and what if I didn’t even feel like eating the food that was scheduled for the night. But, if it kept coming to mind as something I should try, then maybe there was something to it.

So… I decided to give it a try this month. And it has honestly been, I hate to admit it, but very helpful. It has really saved a lot of time the time I usually spend interpreting what I am feeling in the mood for and then finally deciding. I’ve found that even if I don’t really feel like eating what is planned once I start making the meal and smelling all the yummy smells and such suddenly I think actually I don’t mind eating this after all. Or I just add something on the side that is a little more of what I was in the mood for but keep the main thing I had scheduled… like adding a sweet apple salad with caramelized nuts or yummy desert to satisfy my sweet tooth I am feeling that night.

I think part of the trick is using meals that you already know and like and them only have a new recipe a couple times for the whole month. If you are still deciding what you like and do quickly as a family then maybe this isn’t for you yet. You could start with planning the meals for the week. But, if you’ve been planning the meals for the week for a while, you are probably ready for this monthly plan like me. Try it!!!

It has helped me keep one step ahead to get the slow cooker going in the afternoon and extra leftover meat that I used for a meal earlier that week for meals later in the week. For example if I made shredded chicken tacos on Tues I made to make a few extra chicken breasts that I can set aside for my the chicken pot pie for Friday. It is awesome!!!

DSC_2421DSC_2416 DSC_2424

Organize & Dejunk

Forget spring cleaning, January and February are the perfect months to spruce up your home with organizing and donating stuff you don’t use. There is great power in simply keeping things clean and ordered. I think we sometimes forget the magic that occurs when you are living in a clean and organized space and the reward of peace and relief that comes as a result! It is actually easier to maintain order than it is to do a huge overhaul job although it is definitely necessary every once in a while. As you can see in this picture, that is what is needed here and in several areas in my home besides this hair bow drawer. Time to get to work!

DSC_1546 DSC_1557

Prepping for BACK TO SCHOOL


How do you get from here to there?  That is what I ask myself often… how can I get from total chaos  to order and function? Well, I guess you just start by grouping like objects, throwing out things you don’t/won’t use, and then putting them back straightened and ordered. Magically it comes together and causes you to sigh a sigh of relief. 🙂  DSC_9241 DSC_9248

Garage Organized!

It is that time of year-time to clean out the garage!!! I finally just went ahead and bought some more shelves to give everything it’s own space. Everything that is that didn’t get taken to goodwill.  We could have easily had a garage sale with all the stuff we have collected from the year but with limited energy being so far along in my pregnancy now I decided to just donate it in order to get this project rolling!  We have a one car garage right now so every bit of space is important. I keep my food storage here in the garage since we don’t have an pantry closet in our kitchen. It has worked great since the garage is only a few steps away.

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Quiet Kid-Activity Bags

DSC_6331Update:These could also be used on road trips or the airplane as an alternative to electronic devices!

So, I discovered something a while ago that has really saved me -Church Kid-Activity Bags!  Not just using the same one week after week but to have three bags to rotate between! Each week we bring a different one and the kids love it. I have different activities and quiet toys in each bag, too so the bag contents remain exciting. Continue reading to see the pics of my different bags and a list of content ideas!

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Horse and Nature Themed Kidroom!

Lately, I have been changing up my daughters room to have a horse/nature theme. It has been a fun little project with have enjoyed doing together- them and I. One rule I have is that we don’t keep toys in their bedroom. A single stuffed animal or two is it. This keeps it easier to keep clean and just serves the purpose of sleeping and changing clothes. As a mom of three busy little girls, this has been an excellent rule on my part if I may say so. 🙂 It has definitely saved me a lot of time cleaning. What about books? I do not have an open bookshelf because I have learned that it is way too much maintenance to keep the books looking in order and too temping for little 2 year olds to constantly spill them on the floor. Instead we stash them in the bottom drawer of that lovely dresser you see near the window. Yep, easy-peasy just the way I like it. No organizing necessary. 🙂


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Stowing Winter Gear Made Simple

Although this piece iDSC_5097s very practical since it opens up to provide storage, before it was sort of tucked out of the way because it wasn’t in the best shape.  It had gotten it’s fair share of wear- now that is an understatement. Now I moved my furniture around and made it our official foot rest/small living room table it needed some tender loving care. It was sort of fragile to begin with and then the kids used it as something to jump off of at one time or another- so basically, it had seen some much better days…

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