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Making Plans Amidst Unknowns

Perhaps this is a strange title but this is exactly what I want to discuss with you this week. This is ground breaking- just let me explain! Okay, so I figured out that even when you get into a pinch in life you can always have a plan. Instead of having the typical straight-forward plan you may feel most comfortable with that has zero hitches, you just need a Optional A, B, and C plan.

For instance, my husband is finishing his residency this year and we are in the process of figuring out where we want to go next. This involves lots of interviews, research, and prayer to know what is the best place for our family at this time and what we should do. Meanwhile, this can be a little stressful not knowing where we will be living in 6 months! We have an idea but things could change as we go through with more interviews and weigh the options.

So, instead of living in this state of not-knowing and trying to ignore my feelings of anxiousness and urgency to get it figured out, I have found a peaceful alternative- an A, B, and C plan.

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Checking In and Stepping Up

Okay, so I haven’t been doing as many projects lately because my husband is getting closer to finishing his Residency and it is taking a lot of time and consideration to weigh out our next steps. He wraps up this last year of residency by the end of June.  We’ve been focusing on where we should raise our family, start this career, and have been pursuing job interviews. Thus, I haven’t been in the crafting mode/thrifty mood.  I think it is also partly because of my secret desire to just buy everything in the future without a second thought and not worry about ever being thrifty again.  Okay, I know it is ridiculous but don’t we all have this sometimes? It is too much work and there are so many other things to spend time on in life, right?

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Purse Peace

PursepeaceAlthough a lot of us may downplay this subject, controlling finances are a HUGE part of success in family life! Stop, don’t click to exit with thinking oh, please I don’t have that problem.  Just give me at least 3 paragraphs! Finances are a huge part of family peace.

There is a saying that wants can always grow to match any income no matter how much one has. Wow- hard to swallow but true! Understanding this, we can see that always making more money is not the answer to peace because the wants will just keep growing.  There has to be a checkpoint from within…

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