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Visiting Teacher Friends

These are some of my friends from my church. Each sister is assigned to visit with and teach another sister so that everyone sister is taken care of in my church. They are now no longer my visiting teachers but as fun parting I told them to come over and we’d do some makeovers! So I pulled out my makeup and hair supplies and dressed them up. 🙂 We had a lot of fun and laughs especially at my four year old daughter Emery who was full of comments and suggestions. 🙂

DSC_1754 DSC_1759

Kid Closet Change Over

Now that Spring Break is coming to a close, hopefully you have gotten out the spring/summer wardrobes and put away all that heavy winter stuff!!! It is time to bring out the color!

The last few days, I have been working on changing over the kids clothes, shoes, and accessories.  It has been a little bit of a hefty project but at the same time a very fun project.  Along with it, I’ve been shopping awesome liquidation winter clothing sales for the kids winter next year. Right now is the best time because stores are really pushing to get rid of anything winter.  Also, in putting away the winter I’ve needed to make sure their Summer wardrobes were equipped-which means just a tiny bit more shopping… I promise I have been thrifty though. Here is a fun idea I did in prepping their summer wardrobes was to make old pants into shorts! I additionally liked this because so many of the shorts for sale in stores are SUPER-DUPER short!  I want my kids learn modesty at an early age and why not start with longer shorts. Simple, Earth-savvy, and free!


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Working Hard Lately!

This weekend was my Birthday so I seized the opportunity and got my spouse’s help in doing a few extra projects than normal like:

-getting our front yard in top shape
-moving around furniture in our bedroom
-cleaning out the garage
-and taking a load to GOODWILL

I want to do more of this giving stuff to Goodwill. I am not sure how we have collected so much but I want to get things back in order. There is a freeing aire about living with less and being satisfied and I want to recapture that. Yes, project clean out has begun…

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Found an Awesome Family-Focus Website!

I recently discovered this website with amazing in-depth tips on how to strengthen your family.  The authors Linda and Richard Eyre are tried and true experts on the topic as well as being truly compassionate and dedicated to the cause of families.  They have written 52 books and counting on the subject of family and are the creators of Joy School a preschool program that focus’ on values and building childrens confidence that has been in motion for over 30 years now. Their books have been published with Random House, Simon and Schuster, Mcgraw Hill, St. Martin’s Press, and Penguin Publishers. They are now offering their 52 books completely FREE online to interested readers. Why- because they are so passionate about the subject of Family and want anyone to be able to read them. Also, they no longer need the funds and want to give back. Wow, amazing. Seriously…
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Nuture your Marriage

Couplefunky-pink-heartRecently a friend challenged a bunch of us mom friends to give her a list of 10 books that we’ve read over the last several years that remained with us and made an impact on our lives. I decided to take up the challenge and as I did it was neat to self reflect. I wasn’t allowed to think about the list too hard-just put them out there. I noticed a few of the books had the same theme- ways to beef up your marriage; nuture a relationship of mutual respect and love…

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Choose 5 Careers for Yourself

As stay at home Mom’s we have many hats to wear but we can’t wear all of them.  A tip that that I read or someone told me a few years ago that has forever remained with me in how to remain true to yourself and yet, serve your family wholeheartedly was to choose 5 careers that you could see yourself doing and find a way to incorporate those parts of yourself into your life as a Mom.  Think outside of the box and don’t be too hard on yourself about how to incorporate these into your life.  You’ll get better through time.  For example if you’d want to be a teacher, applaud yourself in teaching your kids something once or twice a week.

Okay, don’t judge me but these are what I choose in no particular order…

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Prioritize Family Time

Some of the best ways I have found to cultivate strong family ties are to set aside time and plan things to do together,  get out and experience the world around us, have activities we like to do at home together, and set holiday and regular family traditions.  At the same time, it is more about the quality of the experience and not just about getting out which is why finding fun things to do at home is paramount.

Still here are a couple of pictures from different family adventures we’ve enjoyed not too long ago…

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