Family is the center of what makes everything else meaningful in life! I grew up in a large family of eight kids as the second oldest and eldest girl.  I learned from an early age families are a lot of work but can be most rewarding.

In my family we prioritize our relationship by eating together at least once a day, working, learning, and spending time together.  I believe family is the heart of life. Whether you are single, married, or married with children this blog will give you ideas of how to cherish your family!

There was a recent article in the Times magazine about how the ideal life is now a childless life. How sad. I feel that children help us reconnect back to the uninhibited natural spirits we really are. In teaching and nurturing them we come to see life in different angle and enriches life in a way that no other experience can.

Additionally, being a parent has increased my level of patience and greatly deepened my appreciation and understanding of others. It has helped me be less quick to judge and taught me to instead more often than not, give people the benefit of doubt.  Parenthood, being a spouse, and being a part of a family are awesome! So how can we get it working for you?


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