I have been a student of music all of my life.  It wasn’t always easy but I stuck with it and worked at it. It really taught me some deeply engrained lessons in self-discipline and perseverance which I am thankful for to this day. And-I am still playing and loving it today! I’ve only written a handful of songs, okay… one recently and maybe 2 when I was 14 (okay major DORK ALERT) but I want really to write more.  In addition to the other topics, I want this blog be a sounding board for these songs.  Hopefully this will give me a little push!  I imagine writing more songs about family life and motherhood because I feel like there isn’t enough out there! We need more people to put stuff out there about this and show how awesome it is!

Here is that song I mentioned above that I  wrote a couple of months back. It is about the gratitude I feel in being a Mother. 🙂 Thank you hanging in there thus far!!!!!