For some reason, after we buy something in time it gradually starts to lose its glow. Well, I am here to help you capture that excitement back!  Once the sparkle is gone it is time to clean it up and get it singing again, make something new and useful with it, or get rid of it. Have you ever heard of the poem The Touch of the Masters Hand?  No one would bid for an old beat up violin, and then a wonderful musician comes, cleans it up, and plays the sweetest melody on it.  Suddenly the bids start flying.  When we take good care of the things we have by keeping them clean and organized, we appreciate them more and recognize their value.  They not only last longer but are more pleasant to use and thus we feel more satisfied.

Whether it is cleaning something up or making something new there is nothing like a good project sometimes to freshen up your surroundings! So get excited as I help you love what you already have- saving you both time and money!


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